Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Made in Holland Cups

I have a distant memory of using an avocado plastic cup-holder with disposable thin plastic cup "inserts". I believe these were old Tupperware but can't recall much more than that. We used to take them on road trips with my family, and I was reminded of them when I came across these cute colourful cups made in Holland.

I purchased these three Dutch cups in perfect condition for $1.50. I think they're shaped a bit like fragile eggs with their rounded bottoms; in fact their shape reminds me of the stemless Riedel wine glasses.

The green, brown and orange colours are so similar to Tupperware pieces we had in the 80s. Does anybody know these cups I'm thinking about?


  1. Pyrex made some simlar to this too, they were called drink-ups, I think.

  2. those are so interesting. they almost look like tulips! i don't know anything about them, though.

  3. Vonlipi, Mystery solved! Thank you for the Pyrex History help as always! I found some good photos on flickr and etsy.

    Ana, true, they DO look like tulips... Funny that they are from Holland which is famous for tulips, right? Haha.

  4. Where do you have room for all these finds? I'll have to come over and see where you store all these goodies! :)


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