Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Joy of Cooking Book, 1964 Edition

When I'm whipping something up in the kitchen, I tend to add ingredients based on what seems right. I like the idea of finding a recipe and using it as a backbone from which to experiment. I had never really known much about "The Joy of Cooking" by Rombauer and Becker, other than how Julia Child had it in her kitchen!

I found a 1964 edition a couple of weeks ago at a Value Village in the suburbs for $3.50. It's in quite good shape! I figured I could refine my cooking methods and learn a few things as it is chock full of recipes. The inside cover gives a few pointers on symbols found throughout the recipes.

The book was first published in 1931 after Irma Rombauer lost her husband and wrote to cope with her loss and earn some money. The cute drawings in the book have such a homemade quality to them and really adds to the charm.

Both that fondue pot and saucepan sure look like vintage Le Creuset!  It has been a while since I've found a nice book at the thrift. I was really happy with my pair of Jane Eyre books but this is my first vintage cookbook.

I will say that I most certainly will not be needing the pointers identified on Page 453, which discuss "small game" and details how to skin a squirrel. Yes, there are sketches involved. I must also share that Page 454 provides cooking and stuffing instructions for, yes, raccoon. Yeeps!


  1. so, there won't be any squirrel or raccoon on your menu any time soon, huh? :) does it have a recipe for hossenfeffer? i always think of that bugs bunny episode :)

    great find!

  2. haha, Yes it actually DOES have a hossenfeffer recipe! They spell it differently, but it's definitely in there. Bugs Bunny would be very disappointed indeed.

  3. Send those recipes my way- I'll make 'em (OK, maybe not the racoon one- too greasy). Actually I've never used a recipe designed especially for squirrel or rabbit- just worked out my own:


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