Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kathie Winkle Teacup Saucers and Dinner Plates!

Our friends J&R piqued my interest recently about vintage tableware designed by Kathie Winkle. Working for the Broadhurst pottery company, she started her career as a painter and eventually went on to design over one hundred patterns between 1958 to 1978.

I came upon some teacups and saucers in the pastel green and blue Corinth pattern at my local Salvation Army thrift store. Believe it or not, it was near the end of a 50% off day, and nobody picked these beauties up! I scooped up each teacup for a dollar, and each saucer for 50 cents.

These Broadhurst lines of tableware included dinner plates, side plates, teacups, saucers, bowls, and teapots. Each line used the same basic ceramic foundation pieces, had a black and white pattern printed on them, and were hand painted before glazing. The handpainted finish is so charming, as some of the "imperfections" give each piece individuality.

I am really glad I decided to buy them, because they were a bit of a mystery when I first saw them. You see, the teacups are only embossed with "ENGLAND" on the underside, and the saucers read "Ironstone Broadhurst Staffordshire England Handpainted Underglaze, Colour Detergent and Dishwasher Proof". No mention of Kathie Winkle, but I suspect this is because the size of a saucer plate doesn't allow room for her swirly signature. I do know that Corinth is a KW design however, because it appears in The Designs of Kathie Winkle book.

A few days later, I found a couple more Kathie Winkle pieces at a Value Village. This time, there was no mistaking what I was looking at - the distinctive Kathie Winkle signature was noted on the back of the plates, and I picked the two up for $3.50.

Now that I've had time to admire these pieces, I like them even more than when I first saw them! My main problem is that I have only two teacups, five saucers, and two dinnerplates. It's definitely not enough to make a set, so I'll have to think of something to do with them... Any suggestions?


  1. Lovely post. AND, great photography too. :-)

  2. Assuming they complement each other, I would try mixing with Pyrex dinnerware.

  3. Wonderful designs. I think they would mix with a plain white modern dish style.

  4. Hello Six Balloon - lovely blog!
    I have so many pieces of KW and we use them for every meal, every day. I think the designs actually all look good mixed in together - the four of us often all have a different dinner plate or cereal bowl.

  5. mixing with a solid color is a great idea. love these - great finds!

  6. Hmm, I've got white plates as my "normal" dinnerware, so I think it will work. I've actually put the dinnerplates into my cabinets and will start reaching for them now. Next, I just have to start drinking tea. haha!

  7. I would offer to buy your Corinth Cup and saucer if you want to sell them.

  8. I have a number of bits and pieces of Kathie Winkle - just like you not enough for a full set. It is nice that the different patterns do go so well together as the all share the same shape. I think they coordinate well with other British designs ass well - like some of the Steelite by Doulton.

    But you won't go wrong with pairing it the plain white!

  9. I read they never changed the sizes to save money only changed the design.


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