Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mid Century Modern Chair - Craigslist Miss

Here's another lament about a great find on Craigslist that I missed out on! After scoring this great Royal Blue Velvet Chair in November, I started hunting around for other great accent pieces. I came upon this beautiful teal upholstered vintage chair with teak armrests and legs.

I love those tufted buttons on the back, and the great condition and colour of the chair. Swoon worthy! Listed at $70, I think this would have been a great buy. Apparently others that beat me to it thought so too! The seller was gracious enough to send me a high-res photo so I could share it with all of you.
As an aside, normally I cringe at the term "Mid Century Modern". You see, as a frequent Craigslist searcher looking for vintage goodies, I find that many sellers use that term without restraint since they know it has a lot of appeal. I hope I am not using it in the wrong context here, or I might be guilty of misusing the term myself!


  1. oooh! That is one gorgeous chair! Too bad you missed it, maybe that means a better one will be coming your way!

  2. What Vonlipi said...

    I missed out on a great chair too at SA recently when I was out hunting for Pyrex. It would have looked gorgeous in our living room. But I keep hearing my husband's voice that says things should only be going out of the house, not in, to control the clutter, lol! Not that there is any clutter, I am good at controlling it! Somewhat...

  3. Interesting you are often on Craigslist looking for good finds! Kind of like looking for good, undervalued properties! :)

    Sorry you missed this chair - it does look really cool, especially with those wooden armrests.


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