Monday, January 10, 2011

Vintage Aqua Sugar Jar and Egg Beater

I have collected a few items in the beautiful shade of turquoise or aqua blue lately and I love them!

Cookie Monster really brings out the colour in everything. =) To be honest I'm not sure how much egg beating one needs to do to have such an efficient hand crank kitchen tool. I have to say that the rotor wheel looks pretty neat though. Both this piece and the sugar jar are marked "Made in Canada".

It was the handle that drew me to the jar. I think it'll look great when I clean it up and fill it with some nice white sugar. The jar has the "Androck" brand marking on it, which I've seen on several other kitchen goodies.

Each of these items were $2 and will provide a nice splash of colour in the kitchen. What brightens up the winter blahs in your kitchen?

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  1. What pretty blues! I'm pretty sure we had a similar jar when I was growing up, except the handle was cream coloured and we put syrup in it!

    I recently found my first fridgie in that colour.

  2. I would not have thought to put sugar in the pitcher--hmmm. That's not a bad idea for a syrup pitcher and I have a couple . . .

  3. Love the aqua kitchen accessories! What brightens the winter blahs in my kitchen is FOOD! :)

  4. All the aqua is great! But how did you end up with my grandmothers bedsheets??? :)

  5. Ah yes, syrup or honey would have made sense. I like the white background for the aqua handle though...

    Sandra that is too funny - I found a couple of vintage pillowcases in perfect condition at the value village and thought they would make a nice backdrop for photos!

  6. i LOVE these! great finds! my kitchen is red and aqua, so i am drooling now :)

  7. Love these Aqua pieces all together and Cookie Monster is always cute!

  8. I love those pieces! The egg beater would become wall art at my house, I think. That retro teal color is one of my favorites.


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