Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pyrex Promotional Dandelion Divided Dish

There were some great presents waiting for me under the Christmas tree this year. Mr. SixBalloons surprised me with a great find he made at a thrift store just five blocks from our house... A Pyrex Promotional Dandelion Divided Dish!

The dish is in great shape, especially considering that the design is in the fragile goldleaf print. Not to mention it is from 1959! As a gardener, I am always on the hunt for dandelions before they go to seed in my yard, but I can still enjoy this print, especially if I call it Pyrex Thistles instead.  =)  I was able to pry out of my hubby that the dish cost him three dollars - almost as good of a bargain as the Rooster Promotional Space Saver that I scored a couple months ago.

There was no lid with this piece, but I do have one from my Acorn Gold divided dish, so I will use that one when needed.

We also received a great KitchenAid professional series mixer in the beautiful pewter colour:

KitchenAid New Professional 5.5 QT Commercial Style Wide Steel Bowl Stand Mixer 550 HD 575 Watt Motor - Silver

I admit that my heart started racing at the prospect that perhaps, perhaps, inside the box would be the vintage Hobart avocado green mixer that's sitting sadly in the kitchen in Greece. One day we'll meet again. For the time being, we are really excited about the new mixer and are thinking up great recipes and new things we can do with this powerhouse!


  1. Great gifts! I have been using my Kitchenaid loads and LOVE it!!!

  2. That Pyrex dish is fabulous! I love the dandelion motif. Nice mixer too!

  3. Love the Pyrex dish and what a score. Good husband to find vintage
    Pyrex for Christmas!

  4. I think your husband is absolutely fabulous for giving you something from a thrift store. And what great taste he has too! That dish is stunning.

  5. As fabulous as the dandelion piece is, I think the rooster still beat it. Square WITH a lid! You definitely lead a charmed life.


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