Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thrifted Christmas Decorations!

I love shopping at thrift stores over the holidays. Shops seem to hoard all the Christmas themed items throughout the year and bring them out after Halloween (at least in Canada since our Thanksgiving is in October) so November is a great time to find holiday goodies.

I've always liked the warm glow of the older, non-LED Christmas lights and was tempted to purchase them new but found them instead at the hospital thrift store for $2! I tried out the plug and it lit up beautifully. I believe this set is either new or was barely used.

I couldn't resist these two packs of unopened tinsel strands. Such cute boxes and perfectly brand new for 25 cents each!

Same price for this card of 12 jingle bells. They made such a great sound when I picked them up. I think I'll either string them onto an ornament (one bell to an ornament with a ribbon) or attach them to Christmas gifts!


  1. I love thrifted Christmas decorations. I have found some really cute ornaments and other items I would never buy full price. Glad you found some good stuff!

  2. They're all lovely, I live in hope of finding a box of vintage mercury glass ornaments some day :-)

  3. What great finds- the icicles- I remember my dog gagging on those back in the day!

  4. Those lights are new! I don't think any one in their right mind would take the time to put them back in their box!

    I prefer the old lights as well, they seem christmasier. Oh yeah I totally invented a word! :)


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