Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Wish List!

I know it's getting a bit late in the year to be thinking of Christmas wish list items, but here's a few things I'm dreaming of.

I'm sure Le Creuset lovers will agree that bringing back the classic vintage versions was a great move. The beautiful Le Creuset Heritage Collection Cocotte looks so great in the timeless flame colour, plus the updated new shades. So shiny...
I definitely don't make pate nor terrines, but I could certainly see myself cooking up a delicious lasagna for two in this Le Creuset Heritage Collection Terrine.
Then there's the Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights Classic Set which has eluded me, despite being in my hands at a thrift store. Darn you, second thoughts! Look at that haunting image of Heathcliff on the cover of Wuthering Heights, hating himself and the world around him.

The not-so-vintage Fisher Bullet Space Pen for us geeks out there. This handy tool is great for those who travel a lot, or like to do crossword puzzles or sudoku anywhere, anytime!
Then for the kiddies in my life, this Super Cute Gardening Tool Set for Kids!

And finally for the Little Chef in training, this Cute Desserts Apron with Chef's Hat!

I try not to buy too many things at Christmastime, but the most important rule for gifts in my opinion, is that the gifts should go on to create great experiences for the person who receives them. For instance, I love the idea of gardening or baking with my nieces when they receive new "tools" at this time of year! I can't believe Christmas Eve is just one week away!   =)


  1. Great list! You've got me totally wanting that Wuthering Heights book! Poor tortured Heathcliff!
    And those Le Creuset items are gorgeous!

  2. love your list- I have a bullet pen (now I can't remember where it is) and I never knew it was called that- I'm sure it's not by the same company-I am an apron lover too- not so much the hat though!

  3. Thanks! Ah the Bronte sisters. I think winter is perfect for snuggling up and reading.

    I forgot to mention that the bullet space pen is one of those anti-gravity ones that can be written with upside down, hence, used by the NASA astronauts!


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