Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vintage Pyrex Promotional Rooster Pan

After a delightfully lazy Saturday morning, we decided to visit the local church thrift store in our neighbourhood. Thinking that it closed at 2pm yesterday, we took our sweet time and arrived at 12:55pm. Eek! We realized that it actually closed at 1pm and raced in for a quick look.

Once we entered, a nice volunteer told us that they were closing up soon. We did one quick tour, and I darted over to the kitchen section. The clouds parted, the sun shone through and I saw a Pyrex promotional Rooster Black casserole pan with lid!

The pattern was in perfect condition. There was no fading nor colour loss on the nice roosters and sunflowers.

This is a really handy size and I'm glad to add it to my collection. It's similar in size to the yellow casserole pan / fridgie that is in my Pyrex Primary set. I like the contrast of the black design on the milky white background; it really emphasizes the good condition of the markings. It's hard to believe that the piece was produced in 1958, according to Pyrex Love.

This was a real steal for $3!

I'm sure glad we made it into the thrift store with five minutes to go, or I would have missed out on this nice piece. :)


  1. Really fab find! I came over from the Pyrex Collective and I've become one of your followers!


  2. I also host a party, Junkin Finds Friday! We won't have the party this week due to Thanksgiving, but I hope you will join in the following week and share some of your finds!

  3. wow, great find. hadn't seen that one before. and it's in such good shape, such a good price too.

  4. It's in such great condition, I bet it was hardly used. $3 may seem like a steal, but the fact that it is now being well appreciated should count for something.

  5. Thank you for following Linda! Ana and Betty, indeed a great deal but more importantly I can't wait to make something bright and colourful in the pan to spruce up the black and white...!

  6. It's gorgeous!! Good find!!
    I can't wait to see it, and hopefully eat something tasty out of it next time I see you!
    Loving the blog!! Thanks for entertaining me :)

  7. Thanks for following Paula! I see a nice okra casserole in tomato sauce in our future...

  8. LOVE the black and white, and the print is adorable!!!

  9. great! I found the oval casserole dish of the same pattern once and snatched it up, but I didn't get the good price break that you got! Congratulations!


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