Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunny November

Today's a beautiful day in Vancouver. It has been quite dreary over the last few weeks, but today for some reason, the sun came out and it was actually quite warm! Quite lucky considering it's November. It made me think of some great summer finds...

This Pyrex Colonial Mist bowl always makes me smile. I stumbled upon it at a volunteer-run thrift shop that supports the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). This place has quirky volunteers, and quirky customers. When I first spotted it, it was filled to the brim with dried macaroni pasta. There wasn't anywhere to dump the noodles, so I brought it up to the till and asked the price. She said "So, do you want the pasta?" I immediately said no and she quoted me $4. I wonder what it would have cost me if I indeed wanted the noodles ;)

Another item I found a while back at the local Value Village is this cute little cooler, the Little Playmate made by Igloo. I believe you can still buy these new, but I think mine is charming and has an 80s feel to it. It's a really convenient size and I often keep it in the trunk of my car to keep my groceries cool on my way home.

Summer feels so far away, but at least we have Christmas coming soon!


  1. Love the color of the blue on the Colonial Mist bowl! Volunteer-run thrift stores are great! We have one down here that supports Hospice Care, and it truly has some of the best treasures.

  2. Wow, that blue bowl is very pretty, and for $4, sign me up! You're getting really good at finding these great finds. I would look forward to going shopping with you on these excursions.

  3. Thank you for coming with me to those couple places in San Diego in February. When you come to Vancouver, let's go to my SixBalloons-approved thrift shop haunts.


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