Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Velvet Chair Advice Needed!

I made a quick stop at the Value Village after work today and spotted a couple of gems in the furniture section.

These beauties stood out amongst the huge stuffed animals and worn-out looking floral couches. What surprised me the most is that they are in such beautiful condition! They were clean from top to bottom, including the backside and underside of the chairs.

I've long dreamed about finding a really nice velvet wingback chair in a great colour with nice, clean fabric and a comfortable seat. These guys are making my head spin though - they're a little different from what I've been pining for, but the wood detailing, fabric, and colour are making me think twice. I left them there but I am still thinking about them. They are $25 a piece.

I took the Comfort Test and had a seat in each one. The blue one is a little lower to the ground and has a slightly squeaky seat, whereas the red guy is higher, has comfortable solid oak arms, and no squeaks. To me, the blue one is a bit more fantastical whereas the red one seems like it could blend into any scene...

What do you think, should I hit the gas and grab one or two of these?

UPDATE: I came to my senses and went back for the royal blue chair! Read all about it at this post.


  1. Ooh the blue one would look fab in the corner of a bedroom beside a bookcase with peacock green cushions on it!

  2. OH I love the blue one! Not as crazy about the red. I would probably be giving the store a call to put the blue one on hold if it were at my local thrift!

  3. Hi, those are fab! Thrifted Treasure is right, put a really funky pillow on the blue one and you have a great focus point. You can't get a cheap chair at Zellers for that price!

  4. I would LOVE to have that blue chair for our Props dept at the theatre! Run Run!


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