Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pyrex Promotional Gold Leaf Twins Server with Cradle

I mentioned in my previous post that I came upon some nice Pyrex that someone must have just donated to my local MCC thrift.

I have never really had much luck at this location, but you just never know. I spotted this Pyrex promotional Buffet Twins set, complete with cradle and lids! It was all taped up with packing tape, which is usually so hard on the gold leaf pattern. I cringed as I removed it in the store to see if there was damage.

Luckily, the lids were blemish free, the interiors perfect, and the pattern in good shape.

I thought the set was a bit steep at $15 but I had to have it! I have never seen a cradle with full set in the wild before!

I think the brass cradle has made some scratch marks on the pieces themselves but I don't know if there is any way to avoid this, other than ditching the cradle. I feel like I always need to gingerly set the casseroles down!

I mentioned before that I saw the compass divided dish but it was actually the Constellation pattern, the one with the yellow stars. I kind of regret not buying it now, as it was perfect and complete with its lid... Would you have scooped it up for eight bucks?


  1. I have the Constellation, but yeah, I would have picked it up with the lid for $8. I think I paid $6 without a lid.

    That is a great price for what you got above - not steep at all! Good price!

  2. How interesting a double set? Love it when I find holders, not very often!

  3. dear, I don't think $15. is to much for that , since they seen to be scarce

  4. Such a nice find. You could try to put a thin strip of "cushioning" in the holders to avoid the scratching.

  5. I have never seen anything like this, love the cradle! I don't think it was expensive as it is a rare find.

  6. Very cool! I've never seen a cradle like that, either. And I agree about the packing tape issue. I had a lamp that I thrifted recently ruined by the thrift-store packing tape. So irritating...

  7. You definitely got lucky finding those with the cradle! I've never seen one in stores before. In regards to the constellation, I would have left it, too. That seems a bit steep, plus it is a pretty common pattern around here.

  8. This is a fun set you don't see often. I found the blue/green version once, then I sold it. THEN I found a second one and wished I'd kept the first and hunted down the cradle.

    Lucky you to have it all together!

    Heather @ Lark & Lola

  9. I just found this set. How.do you.clean the cradle?


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