Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pyrex Promotional Gold Leaf Twins Server with Cradle

I mentioned in my previous post that I came upon some nice Pyrex that someone must have just donated to my local MCC thrift.

I have never really had much luck at this location, but you just never know. I spotted this Pyrex promotional Buffet Twins set, complete with cradle and lids! It was all taped up with packing tape, which is usually so hard on the gold leaf pattern. I cringed as I removed it in the store to see if there was damage.

Luckily, the lids were blemish free, the interiors perfect, and the pattern in good shape.

I thought the set was a bit steep at $15 but I had to have it! I have never seen a cradle with full set in the wild before!

I think the brass cradle has made some scratch marks on the pieces themselves but I don't know if there is any way to avoid this, other than ditching the cradle. I feel like I always need to gingerly set the casseroles down!

I mentioned before that I saw the compass divided dish but it was actually the Constellation pattern, the one with the yellow stars. I kind of regret not buying it now, as it was perfect and complete with its lid... Would you have scooped it up for eight bucks?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pyrex Daisy Casserole

I recently went for a walk to my local MCC thrift store and scored a perfect piece of Pyrex.

I love coming across patterned lid pieces, especially when they are in such great condition! I prefer these small lidded casseroles over the divided dishes... I never seem to know what to do with those.

I paid $8 for this little guy, which made me cringe a bit, but it was in such good shape. Someone must have dropped off their pyrex collection that day, as I also saw a Butterprint mixing bowl (badly dishwashered) and a perfect golden compass snack server.

I also bought another lil something that I will share with you later in the week!

I love finding a mass of Pyrex in one spot! Linking up with Nifty Thrifty at A Living Space and ATG's Thrift Share Monday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cleaning Le Creuset with Barkeepers Friend

Remember my fab $10 Le Creuset find from a few months back? Well I have been using it a lot and kept thinking about whether or not I could clean up the dirty underside a bit.

I actually bought my Bar Keepers Friend for use cleaning vintage Pyrex, but saw a blog post somewhere touting its ability to clean stains on the exterior enameled surface on LC pots.

I moistened my thick paper towels and sprinkled on the BKF, then started scubbing gently. After one cleaning, I was starting to notice some improvement. I gave it a quick wash to see if the enamel lost any sheen, but it was fine. I gave it a second round, scrubbing a little harder.

Here is the Before and After:

Anyone else used BKF on Le Creuset with success? I am pretty happy with it, and might tackle another scrubfest this weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dansk Kobenstyle Kelly Green Saucepan

So I had almost given up on my local Value Village having anything good for me, but after my pyrex fridgie find recently, I decided to pop my head in this weekend.

Among a bunch of cruddy old fondue pots was this vibrant kelly green Dansk Kobenstyle saucepot! Designed by Jens Quistgaard and made in France, I read somewhere that the green colour is the rarest... Only produced for two years.

There was a really stubborn Value Village sticker covering the label. Methinks that this is why it was still waiting to be picked! It was five bucks, and in great condition.

I haven't decided yet whether to keep it for myself or try selling it on craigslist!

Linking up with Nifty Thrifty at A Living Space and ATG's Thrift Share Monday!
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