Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vintage Pan Am Purse Bag!

With the popularity of the new TV show Pan Am, I was reminded by a great purchase I made at a garage sale almost 10 years ago!

My Dad and I have this thing where we drive around on the weekends in the summertime and shout "GARAGE SALE!" in unison when we'd spot a sign. On one such occasion, we came across a lady selling an assortment of goods laid out on tables. We were her only customers, and most of the items were a bit boring until I spotted this sweet vintage Pan Am purse!

I casually asked her the price and was pretty pleased to hear it was $2.  =)  Don't you love garage sales?

I was always fascinated by this old airline, not having known much about it, but having been intruiged by the luxuriousness of airplane travel at the time. My mom used to check the zippers on clothes when we were kids - she told us that if the zippers said YKK, it told her the materials used were of high quality. I love the quality of the grommets and zippers on this bag. Everything is very sturdy and smooth.

This purse is pretty handy for toting around every now and then. I have to say though, I probably liked it a bit better before they started making reproductions of Pan Am bags!

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