Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Danish Family Open House

Our little family checked out an open house in town a couple weeks ago and I couldn't resist taking some photos. A Danish family lived there for over 50 years and there were many charming features, including this old photo that was on the fireplace mantle.

I spotted this lovely pillow with embroidered tulips on it in one of the bedrooms. Love those vintage linens!

There was a cute sitting area upstairs with green damask wallpaper.

I bet that wallpaper is several decades old, but it looks great, doesn't it?! I would love to be greeted by this sight every time I walked up the stairs.

One of the children's bedrooms (apparently the "children" are retirees now) had a cute Casper the Friendly Ghost toy! Not sure why the head was backwards...

There was also a little wooden soldier that looked like it had been well loved. This was a nice and whimsical looking room.

Again with the wallpaper! The wallpaper and teak closet shelving!

Groovy colours. =)

Unfortunately, the house was unaffordable for us, even if we were to eat Mac and Cheese every day for the next 25 years. Sigh. Oh well, dare to dream, and at least I took some photos I could share with you all.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pyrex Primary Mixing Bowl Set ... Again!

Hello Friends and Followers!  Sorry to have been away from you for so long! Don't worry - I have been Pyrexing...

Who doesn't love the PPMBS, aka the Pyrex Primary Mixing Bowl set? I have reunited a couple sets in the past and snagged these bowls off craigslist for $25.

The seller had a brown 401 instead of the blue but I still thought the great condition made it worthwhile. In fact, this is the shiniest red bowl I had ever seen. Usually the reds are dull and scratched up. I wonder why? I noticed this on the fridgies as well.

My favourite of these primary colours is definitely the green. Unfortunately of this set, the green bowl is the most scratched up.

Lately I have been buying and reselling a lot of my vintage Pyrex finds. I think I am too attached to my faves to let those go, so I have to cycle out the fresher goods. The thirst out there for Pyrex remains strong! I have found a lot of Pyrex Collectors locally.

I feel a little bad adding to the trend of increasing prices but I still think I price my selling Pyrex pretty low. Have you all be downsizing your collections too?

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