Saturday, September 4, 2010

Off to the Greek Islands!

SixBalloons is leaving for vacation tomorrow! The excitement is kicking in - we are off to the Greek Islands to soak in the sights. I can't wait! Hopefully I come upon some neat finds, but for the next three weeks, I don't expect I'll be able to post. Amidst the packing, I was able to squeeze a little visit to Value Village yesterday.

When I arrived, the clerk was unloading new goods in the kitchen area. Yeeps! First I saw an Opal White #441 cinderella tabbed mixing bowl and then... a stack of four #401's: two in the light pink colour, one Butterfly Gold, and one Friendship. What are the odds?

After much consideration, I only picked up the Friendship bowl. I love the clean look of the Opal White but I already have this exact same bowl, in much better condition. I know light pink is coveted, but the colour was quite faded, and get this: I think the previous owners used it as a bowl for paint. The interior was rough and there was dried paint left on the rim of the bowl! Oh that poor Pyrex. I am pretty proud of the restraint I showed. Best to save my hard earned money for vacation treats!

Have a great three weeks everyone! I hope to have some great photos to share!
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