Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swedish Vase and Notions from Garage Sale!

I was driving along this weekend to my regular thrift stops when a Garage Sale sign called out to me. I screeched to a halt as I saw a little old lady just setting up shop.

The first thing I spotted was this beautiful little vase with crackled glass. The label read: Stockholms Glasbruk - Karin Hamar - Skansen. The ribbon around its neck is in the distinctive Swedish colours of blue and yellow.

When I came home, I did a little research with the info from the label, and it turns out that Stockholms Glassworks is an old Swedish company that specializes in handblown glass. This model is called the Lilia Skolvasen and was the first design manufactured by the company in 1933. Karin Hammar is the current designer at the company, and she is in fact the grand-daughter of the company's founder.

The seller also had a tin of notions and some wool yarn pieces that were in such beautiful colours I couldn't resist. I wish I were more crafty and able to do something interesting with these. More than likely I'll be giving them to my sister in law, who's great at crochet.

I love the variety and hidden surprises available at Garage Sales. The lady bagged my goodies into an old Woodward's Christmas-themed shopping bag. The Woodward's department store was known for their Christmas window displays, which ended when the company closed its doors for the last time in 1993.

I think my favourite find of the day has to be this delicate little glass vase. It is really a timeless look and I feel a bit bad that she only charged me 50¢ for it! I tried to make up for it by purchasing a couple knicknacks that were priced for more than they were worth...

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  1. I love your vintage sewing bits and bobs, I can never resist an old tin full of buttons and bobbins!

  2. The little crackle vase is lovely. I must say, though, that my eyes do directly to the tin of sewing items. What fun it would be to go through the tin looking at and touching all these goodies! Lucky sister-in-law!

  3. That tin full of sewing items is super cute. I love the colors. It makes me want to think of a fun way to display it in the tin like that. Seeing how I'm not very crafty though, I'll leave decorating your home up to someone far more talented in that arena.

  4. I love it all- and what a great price! I think the bag is definitely a score as well! Doesn't it make you wonder where it's been hiding for so long?!! If only bags could talk... :)

  5. Interesting that a few readers are finding the tin to be the intruiging piece! I was quite taken by the old wooden spool threads. I think she only charged me a dollar or two for the tin with the goodies inside.

  6. The vase is wonderful. I like that crackle finish.

  7. love the vase too! great finds! it's fun doing research on unique items isn't it?


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