Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pyrex Butterfly Gold Oval Casserole

Ah the mystery that is Value Village. I was perusing the shelves the other day and saw a small Pyrex mixing bowl in the Shenedoah pattern priced at $3.99. Right beside it was this beauty - an oval casserole with lid in perfect condition for the same price!

I find it a bit odd that a tiny little Pyrex mixing bowl costs the same as a good sized casserole dish with patterned lid...

The other interesting thing is that this is the second Butterfly Gold piece to add to my collection - I previously bought a Store and Serve piece from the same VV that was two dollars more, even though it's smaller!

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with Value Village. The inconsistency in pricing is hard to deal with because I  know that a certain piece can cost anywhere between $4 to $12 depending on who is reviewing the inventory.

On the other hand, I guess I should just shrug it off when something is expensive, and swoop in when it's cheap, like I did with this score.

Luckily I was also able to get out in the garden today with my new piece, harvesting some peas and a little baby carrot!

I'm participating in Colorado Lady's Vintage Thingie Thursday and Thrifty Things Friday at The Thrifty Groove!


  1. I love you Pyrex find. I have this casserole in the Verde pattern. I agree that all the thrifts are very erratic in their pricing. Sometimes super high on something not worth it and then lower on something worth more...weird but it's part of the thrifting challenge. h

  2. I experience the same thing all the time. An item I pay $1.50 for at smaller thrift store is priced at $7.99 at VV, and in horrible condition. Once I found 2 almost identical items in the store with a $7 price difference and asked if they would match the lower price and they did. The next time it happened they said "we don't do that".

    So now the thrill of finding any Pyrex at VV has been modified to finding DECENT Pyrex *at a respectable price at VV*

    I will pay more for rarer pieces in patterns I covet, like anything Butterprint or pink. (Barnet Hwy store had an immaculate 2.5qt Woodland casserole with lid for $5.99 yesterday, but its not a pattern I collect or a size I need)

  3. Our local VV has indolent youth armed with darts and a dartboard when setting prices. There is neither rhyme nor reason to the process. What really distresses me (okay, no lost sleep) is when a gorgeous, rare, good condition item is priced and shelved (rather than behind the glass counter)...and I know that it will sustain new chips and dings from all the handling by the masses! Don't get me started on price tags stuck on maker's stamps and finishes that cannot accommodate glue!

  4. I feel a bit bad about complaining, since we are able to buy good quality items most of the time for decent prices. It's too bad that there is inconsistency, but I suppose that is one of the thrills of thrifting, right?

  5. Just found your blog. Love the look of it, your finds and especially the pyrex casserole.

  6. Oh yes, the VV here has totally inconsistent prices. I found a red enamel Finel bowl $5.99 (great), but some days they have worn pyrex priced at $10 and above. Still all great deals, I suppose.

    Even more inconsistent - Goodwill. I found a 444 butterprint cinderella bowl in perfect condition for $6.99...and on the same shelf, a great vintage Le Creuset skilled for $49.99. Ack! I wanted it so bad, but not for 50 bucks.

  7. Wonderful vintage Pyrex thrifty finds! Thank you for joining TTF and have a great day!


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