Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vintage Tupperware and Other Kitchen Goodies

I bought some kitchen knick knacks a few weeks back at one of my favourite thrift shops, thinking nothing of it, and patting myself on the back for scoring some good deals.

Then I learned today that this charity thrift shop had closed its doors recently. The charity used the store as a retail training centre for single moms and other disadvantaged women, doing great work for the community and individuals whose lives they were changing. It turns out their lease was up, and they decided to find a larger location with a warehouse, so I'm hopeful something comes up soon.

An example of the goodies I discovered recently is shown above. There was a jadeite green Tupperware Citrus peeler for 15¢, a pair of Tupperware (orange!) ice tongs for 20¢, and a Starfrit JarKey for 10¢. Oh yeah, and they were having a 30% off sale on top of that.

The JarKey reminds me of a great story, because that is the first item Mr. SixBalloons bought for me when we started dating. I told him once that I hated opening up jars due to my wimpy-ness. A couple days later he showed up with this little gadget that swiftly pops the vacuum seal and makes it easy to open. Practical and thoughtful, isn't he? When we married and set up our house, I purchased a new one at a cookware shop for $7. Who knew that I'd find an identical one later for 7¢...

I also purchased a teak long handled server spoon. I have seen these Japanese-made MCM styled items on other blogs, and I searched in vain for the matching fork. For 35¢ after the discount, I had to have it. I also bought a couple of aluminum spoons to use as spice scoopers.

I'm quite wistful that I won't be able to pop into my local store and look around for these great little items. I have scored some wonderful things at this shop, including the $1 Pyrex Leaf Twin Server, my 25¢ Aluminum Measuring Cups, and the Teacup made in Occupied Japan! I sure hope they open up a new store soon and continue lending a hand to those that need it most.

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  1. We had a local shop like that close its doors too. It was not long before they opened in a new, much larger location. It does not have the charm of the old shop, but a much larger selection.

  2. Looks like you could slay vampires with that one spoon!

  3. Goodness! haha - I agree with Sir Thrift-A-Lot! That spoon looks like you could shank someone!

  4. I love the vintage teak serving spoon, it,s so cool! I will be on the hunt for one, but I doubt I can find one cheaper :)

  5. Yeah, the spoon does actually look a bit intimidating eh? I have to clean it up and start using it... I'll continue the hunt for its matching fork!

    So the green Tupperware tool is actually a lettuce corer, rather than a citrus peeler. It's quite sharp and effective for a piece of plastic. Anyhoo, I believe it came in a set with the green lettuce keeper.

  6. I hope you find the matching fork soon. Just put it out there to the universe and you might just find it at the next turn :)

    Hoping your local shop will come back bigger and better

  7. Cute and colorful kitchen essentials for pocket change!? I am envious. And I need to scribe a list of bits I need and get out there and find them.

    You'd laugh at how I can't open my cans of tuna because there's no can opener in the apartment right now, things like that... :) !

  8. Those are some great kitchen utensils. How did even the simplest most useful items have so much style? I think people who design modern kitchenware could take a few hints from the past. Like the serving spoon - so cool.

  9. There's so many reasons why I love little kitchen gadgets - lots of variety, cheap, fun, practical!

    I remember the feeling I had when I first realized I didn't have a can opener. You don't think about stuff like that till you actually have a can you need to open, and you just ask yourself, hey... why isn't there one magically in the drawer??

  10. Clearly you are a thrift genius. What great finds, and amazing prices!


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