Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY Mesclun Salad

I harvested my first "crops" of the season and made myself a salad! This is my first year growing mescluns so I am pretty excited.

The cute little leaves are so tender, and it does taste better than the greens prewashed and boxed at the supermarket. It is shown above in a cereal bowl with my Pyrex Delphite side dish as a plate charger!

I have been growing them in a shady spot in my front yard in a planter, surrouding some little Carrot seedlings. This is what it looked like a week before harvest:

I'm really encouraged by this bit of growth, because we have had an unusual Spring in Vancouver. It has been too cold to put tomatoes and peppers out, but we had a couple days of heat last week that caused my lettuces and mustards to bolt. Can't win 'em all I guess.

My favourite way to eat salads is with some good olive oil, red wine vinegar or balsamic, plus salt and pepper. Is anyone out there having success in their veggie gardens yet?


  1. Great idea to grow the greens in a planter. They look so pretty in the bowl. Still too cool and wet here to get anything planted in the garden yet. Soon though.

  2. Thanks! Indeed, I am so glad it is starting to warm up. I just transplanted three tomato plants yesterday, and hopefully I will get more in the ground this week.

  3. I LOVE gardening, but I took it slow this year. My theory: I shouldn't tenaciously plant 100 seeds if I can't even manage to hang my clothes right now.

    After the house is in order, I can't wait to garden again. I use to eat my Mesclun with a dash of olive oil, salt, pepper, and sliced tomato. Nom!


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