Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vintage Vancouver Canucks CCM Hockey Jersey

Regular readers here will know that I love my Vancouver Canucks. Tonight was the first game in the Stanley Cup finals and we came out victorious! The whole city is totally pumped.

A few months ago, I made my regular rounds at the Value Village, passing by the sports jerseys section. I saw a flash of my beloved vintage team colours on a jersey sleeve, pulled it out and found a nice CCM Canucks jersey with the old skate logo.

Priced at $11.99, I was alright with it until I spotted a hole near the crest on the front of the jersey. I decided that my local seamstress would be able to whip up a quick fix for a few bucks, so I brought it up to the till and mentioned it to the clerk. She comes back from speaking with the manager and says, "Would you believe that the new price is $7.99?" Woohoo!

I love the bottom trim on the back of the jersey with the stitched logo. I wonder why CCM lost the deal to be the official supplier of NHL jerseys... The honour now lies with Reebok and their Rbk hockey line.

Value Village pricing is an interesting (clever) place; when I visited the store just before the playoffs started,  I saw the same jersey in a different size selling for $49.99.  Talk about inflation!

The boys have won 13 Games so far... three more to go from here. GO CANUCKS GO!


  1. We love our Canucks!!

    What size is the jersey? Are you thinking of reselling it? My 7 year old hockey crazy boy would love to know. :)

  2. That's an amazing find!! Especially a vintage one! This is my favourite logo of all the designs over the years :)

  3. Yep this jersey has lots of great memories, like the 1994 Cup run. Sigh. I can't believe people give away their vintage jerseys...! They are quite expensive to buy new!

    Sorry Sandra, this one fits me nicely so I'm going to have to keep it! :)

  4. I'm not a hockey person, and I'm from Ontario, so until we moved last fall all I heard was "Go Leafs!" (but really, what's the point of that haha), but now, out in Edmonton, with the Canucks going so far... well "Go 'Nucks go!!"


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