Friday, February 18, 2011

Aluminum Measuring Cups

I love finding practical kitchen stuff at thrift stores. Certain vintage pieces are built sturdier than cheapo modern versions, and are obviously much cheaper!

These cute aluminum measuring cups fit the bill for me. There is a half price sale going on at my local charity thrift store this week, and I purchased this set for 25¢.

Each one is labelled accordingly, Fourth Cup, Third Cup, and Half Cup underneath the rim, and have the numeric fraction embossed on the bottom of the cup. They look so charming sitting on my vintage 1964 Joy of Cooking book!

The handles are small, sized to be held basically between your thumb and index finger when scooping up dry goods, but are well riveted to the cup. It's probably safe to say that these cups are from the 1950s. There is no rust nor dents... They are in great condition for being 60 years old!

I think I can find a spot for these new guys in my kitchen...


  1. I would love to find a set of measuring cups like these! My momma had a set when I was younger and she threw them out when she bought Tupperware cups. When I go to thrift stores and estate sales, the kitchen is the first place I go to for gadgets such as these!

  2. They are very cute! And I love the little fridgie cameo shot next to your cute scale! :)

  3. Ooh, those are great! I'm a little bit obsessed with measuring cups and spoons and I thrift them often, but I've never seen a set like that.

  4. Love these measuring cups. We have only one like this and it stays in our canister with popcorn! Yes we pop our corn on top of the stove...real popcorn.

  5. I love the small handles on these, I think scooping is probably easier with these. I'd love to get myself a set. So glad I found your blog. (via Pyrex Collective). The day I found you, I sat with a cup of coffee and read through ever single post. Your trip to Greece looks amazing. You definitely have to bring that green mixer back with you next time!

    I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award, stop by and pick it up when you get a minute!

  6. What a great find and what a bargain! They are so cute. We agree most vintage items are made better than the cheapy products that they put out nowadays!

    Have a great week,
    Laura and Michele

  7. I really like how most vintage goodies are made of metals or glass - I find they are so much easier to wash compared to plastics. We don't have a dishwasher in the house, so we do it by hand and find it's quite hard to clean oil off of the plastic measuring cups. I'm quite excited that these were 25 cents!

    Thanks for the great comments! I'm really happy that you are enjoying the blog!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that this post brought back some childhood memories. My grandmother had an aluminum measuring cup that my Auntie Sherry used to use as a drinking cup at all of our family dinners. It looked like a little mug. I wonder if it's still around. I'll have to check at the next family dinner.

  9. I just 'inherited' a set of these from a neighbour! The largest has "one level cup" embossed on the bottom. I'll be blogging about my haul from a across the street very soon :)


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