Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dansk Kobenstyle Pot and more Pyrex Delphite!!

I had a ridiculous morning of thrifting at the annual St. George's Mayfair. I talked about it last year in a previous post, but it's basically an event put on by a posh private boys school in a quiet, wealthy Vancouver neighbourhood.

The school grounds are laid out with tents on the outside, and makeshift marketplaces in the school classrooms. I arrived early this year and stood in line in the pouring rain for about 20 minutes, paid my $2 admission, and rushed in.

I was scouring the housewares section and saw a young fellow talking to the volunteer sales lady about a Dansk Kobenstyle chocolate brown enamelled piece! I almost yelped, as it looked like I had just missed out. Overhearing the conversation, I was almost getting sick to my stomach - the guy was saying he wanted to use it as a compost container in his kitchen, as it would be easy to carry outside to dump into his compost bin. Ugh.

Luckily for me, his wife or girlfriend whizzed by and quickly dismissed his idea. Ouch for him, Yay for me. As I was still hovering, he shrugged and said, she's the boss! I quickly said, "if you're not taking that, I'm interested!"  I purchased this piece for 50¢.  FIFTY CENTS! No wonder he was thinking it could only be a garbage bin!

I had been pining after a Dansk Kobenstyle piece for quiet some time. The Danish design by Jens Quistgaard is from the 1960s and is sought after by Mid Century Modern lovers. The lid is intended to act as a trivet, although I'm not sure I would want to risk scratches to the enamel. Even the handles on these pieces are simplistic and beautiful. Dansk Kobenstyle pans and pots have thinner walls than Le Creuset, and these old pieces are therefore usually seen with chips to the enamel. This particular piece unfortunately has some interior damage, but I still think it was a great score for 50¢.

I was also able to pick up yet another Pyrex Delphite piece. I can't believe this little Fridgie was waiting for me. You see, after I purchased my Kobenstyle, I left the Marketplace for housewares, and headed to the Treasure Trove area. Treasure Trove is the hand picked goodies section for expensive items like antique teacups and saucers. I walked in thinking that I would just look around, since it is typically very overpriced. For example, I saw my Pyrex Dandelion divided dish for $30. I understand the original two-candle warmer and lid were included and it was a complete set, but Mr. SixBalloons bought me mine for a tenth of the price!

When I was in the Treasure Trove last year, I saw the same Pyrex Delphite piece, and at $5, I had to leave it behind. It was not in perfect condition, with two scratches on the rim. If you can believe it, they had the same piece there this morning, marked at $2. I guess nobody else bought it last year! In reality they should have placed it in Marketplace at that price, but I happily paid the cost and went on my merry way.

I had a great morning thrifting away at Mayfair. I avoided most of the crowds by going early and skipping the books, toys, and clothing area, which traditionally have large lineups and nutty crowds. The only wistful thing I can recall about today is that I left behind a lamp that may have been a Lotte Bostlund, another Mid Century Modern darling. It was $5, came with a hideously mismatching lamp shade, and it was one of the first things I saw when I entered Marketplace. After I picked up my Quistgaard piece, I made my way back and it was gone. Well, that's part of the thrill of thrifting, isn't it? If you snooze, you lose, but I still feel great about my little thrift haul.

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  1. oh. my. god. FIFTY CENTS?! What a crazy, gorgeous, lovely and lucky find! I've been craving some Dansk Kobenstyle too. I spotted some at a Thrift store recently and had to leave them behind. They were charging more than I could buy them for online. It's so lovely! And you saved it! A Kobenstyle compost? My brain is screeching at the thought. Way to go! I love it when good things happen to good people =D

  2. Good price!

    Why are they are so popular? I`ve just started noticing everybody buying & posting about them. Does everybody actually use them?

  3. Dansk?! Quite a find... I'm going to Iceland this summer and hoping to find some interesting MCM or antique Scandinavian dish- and cook-ware then..

  4. I'm so glad you saved that Dansk piece from a horrible fate... I've been coveting them for years too but whenever I see them they are in HORRIBLE shape or are ridiculously priced (ie $100).

  5. What a beautiful piece. Great find!

  6. I should mention that the pot has some enamel chipping near the rim on the interior. Not sure if I can cook with the risk of flaking enamel... Looks great though!

    I still feel a bit bad for leaving the Bostlund lamp, but I don't want to be too greedy! I just don't know why I put the darn thing down!! I would never pay the $200 to get one, but $5 is right up my alley. :)

  7. My grandmother had a set of Dansk Kobenstyle pots in a mustard color...I loved them. I come across them occasionally in my thrifty adventures, but I don't have anywhere to store them :(

  8. Wow, what a score. And such amazing prices! I love the delphite (I have yet to find a solid delphite) as well as the Dansk Kobenstyle (I finally found a yellow one thrifting, but at $8...not a phenomenal 50 cents!) I think I actually like the brown one better. Congrats!

  9. I bet you did the happy dance when you got that Dansk Kobenstyle pot! Wow, fifty cents is incredible.

  10. Definite happy dance! I am still sort of in shock that it was priced so low and that the guy in front of me didn't buy it. I mean, fifty cents? I'll definitely be coming again to the sale next year. Maybe the Pyrex Dandelion set will be half price, haha.

  11. Insane! 50 cents! Insane! My brain can't fathom using that beauty for compost. So glad you rescued it.

  12. Hey SixBalloons!

    I was hoping you'd be able to answer my question..

    how come everybody likes them? i don't know a thing about them. i'm curious.

  13. Hi Sir Thrift-A-Lot, sorry about that - I'm not sure why exactly. I think mainly because they came in very vibrant colours and the sleek Danish design with the beautiful handles and trivet lid are just so interesting to look at. I think there have been lots of fans of Kobenstyle pots for a while now...

    Check out Flickr to see all the great colour combos. The brown one is probably the most muted of them all, but the vibrant, red, blue, yellow, aqua ones are also quite attractive. I particularly love the look of the loaf pans. Not sure if this answers your question, but I suppose anything midcentury modern is pretty hot these days.


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