Friday, November 6, 2015

Vintage Mercedes Hubcap at an Estate Sale!

I found this great vintage Mercedes hubcap at an estate sale a couple of weekends ago. Estate sales are a bit of a rarity in Vancouver, so when I saw the sign, I pulled over pretty quick and made my way over.

I love those sales that aren't advertised on craigslist, when you pull up and just have no idea what to expect. This sale had a real interesting mix of old, high quality vintage. I was really tempted by this package of artists' pencils, with its vintage box. The pencils were made in the US - imagine a time when things were actually manufactured in the United States!

Here is a blurry pic of the hubcap when I found it sitting propped up against a tree, in the rain. It was covered in grime and not looking too shiny when I picked it up. I figured for five bucks, I could clean it up and make it look good.

It certainly took on some more shine after a little bath!

Here's what the inside looks like. I googled some pictures of old Mercedes convertibles that may have had this hubcap. My dad joked that I can't afford a Mercedes, but I can afford one of its hubcaps!

The estate sale was a really interesting one, with an eclectic mix of vintage and artsy items. They had old tools, first aid kits, vintage spools, and wood crates. Unfortunately, a picker arrived there just before me and he was already amassing a big pile of great stuff. Always tough to watch a guy walk away with those goodies, but I'm still happy with my shiny little toy. =)

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  1. Great find - if you can get an accurate year probably worth a pretty penny


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