Monday, December 26, 2011

Vintage Vera Neumann Scarf with Ladybug Signature

I found a wonderful scarf designed by Vera Neumann at my local Salvation Army thrift store recently for $2.99. Although it isn't silk, it had a beautiful pattern that attracted me to it, and it was signed with the Vera logo with ladybug.

According to some great blogger sources, Vera and her husband started the company in 1946 designing textiles. It appears that my scarf was likely from the 1970s, as the Vera signature changed over the years. I am surprised to find that it is 40 years old as there is barely any wear to it!

I really love the subtle floral pattern and vibrant Springtime colours. According to fashion blogger Solo Lisa, Vera scarves were worn by Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe!

Wish it was a silk scarf but with the beautiful pattern and rich history, I couldn't leave it behind, right? I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Christmas and is relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing today!

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  1. holy cow, I wouldn't have left that scarf behind either! that is a great design, silk or not!

  2. Pretty scarf! As for the hits of the year... I think you're being modest!

  3. That's really nice, great find! I just got a Vera for Christmas-now I have two! Will have to blog about it some day soon...

  4. I love your scarf and the history behind it! I had a fab Vera "find" which I'll be posting soon. Your scarf is soooo beautiful!!!

  5. I tend to think I'm not stylish enough to pull off a scarf, but I think I can handle this one - not too loud, and easy to blend in with other things. Thanks Vera!

  6. What a great find! I love Vera designs. The longer scarves like this one are easier to wear and a cool fashion accessory. I always get complements when I wear vintage scarves, you really should give it a try....


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