Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Copco Michael Lax Kettle Teak Restoration with Mineral Oil

You might remember that this summer, I scored a Copco Michael Lax designed Kettle for $5 at a church sale.

The kettle was in great shape on the interior, which was unusual because these pieces are often chipped and rusted. However, the teak knob on the lid and teak handle were faded and in rough shape.

The photo above shows the "before" shot.

The wood was very tired-looking and faded.

Using the methods outlined in my Tutorial on Refinishing Wood with Mineral Oil, I rubbed some food grade heavy mineral oil on the handle with a rag. The oil slowly soaked into the wood and I could see an immediate change.

I probably should have sanded the knob down to remove the dark spots, but the richer toned wood certainly helped improve the appearance.

Take a look at the new and improved finished product! Remember from the tutorial that a good cheap tip is to buy mineral oil from your drugstore rather than from a cookware shop where it can cost several times more... You'll get the same great results!

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  1. Kettle looks lovely, I love teak. Are you going to/have been using it or is it just for display? And yes that is the teapot I think is Melitta, well found!

  2. SG, I've just been using it as a display for now because I usually use this little Corningware for boiling water:

    I was in a cookware shop just the other day and felt so mad that a small bottle of oil to refinish kitchen utensils was so expensive!

  3. What an amazing job a little thought and elbow grease will do to things. Really turned out nicely.

  4. Wow. that really make a huge difference! I love that pot, it is really neat, and the color is great - goes with so much! Happy VTT

  5. Looks great now. I had a little green one similar that I sold :(. It was used to store Freddo Frogs and that's it! Sherry :) PS Have just started following your blog and am off to read some more posts.


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