Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decorations from the Thrift Store!

I made a point this weekend to hit up the thrifts to find more decorations for our first Christmas tree. =)

My favourite find at Christmastime are those glass ornaments with the glittery decorations. I was able to get three ornaments in this beautiful blue colour with snowy trees, and three pink ones with the snowflake design. Each ball was 35¢!

I also found a grab bag of goodies at the hospice thrift store... For a dollar, there was a small set of mini lights, along with some assorted ribbons and bows.

The last place I hit up on the weekend was the local church sale that happens every Saturday. I arrived bright and early and didn't find much, but noticed that the nice volunteers were just putting the new Christmas items out. I scored two sets of mini-lights in great condition for 50¢ each!

I really love thrifting at places where so much care is taken with the products being sold. The lights were in neat bundles, and had already been tested.

The other neat thing was how the lights were packed up in this old Lumberland hardware bag. Lumberland was the local building supply store that my Dad and I used to go to. They were purchased in 1997 by Revy, which was then purchased by Rona. Can you believe that was almost 15 years ago!? I doubt these lights are that old, but I appreciated the step back down memory lane!

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  1. I agree that it is extra nice to run across a sale where people go the extra mile to present things in an organized and neat fashion. It makes shopping so much more enjoyable.

    I love your sweet ornaments. You found some really pretty ones. I especially like the blue one. I'm sure your tree will be beautiful.

  2. I love those pink ornaments- very pretty! It's so fun to find pretty things to decorate your tree with- esp. thrifting!

  3. Thanks a lot for coming over to visit my blog yesterday and the very nice comment regarding my Memory Tree - it means a lot!!!!

    I love your Christmas finds - isn't it great fun to find these treasures for dirt cheap - good for you - finding the bag that takes you back in time too!! Here's to finding more goodies in the weeks ahead....

  4. Oh, you and I are thrifting soul mates! I love the ornament hunt, too!

  5. I love the red one! I have two trees, a regular prelit green one and my great-grandma's aluminum one with a colorwheel. The aluminum one I decorate in all vintage red.

  6. I think the reason we all love vintage ornaments is because of the memories we recall from our childhood Christmas trees, right?

    Even some of the ornaments I thought were tacky/hideous as a child give me good memories today. For instance, we have these corny A&W bears on sleds which my siblings and I were so desperate to collect in different colours. I always think of that experience when I see them on the tree at my parent's house. =)

  7. oooh. love the blue ornaments! good finds! and great deal on the lights, i was at walmart today and prices are nuts. i think a little xmas thrifting is in my future!

  8. Wow, I've never seen used Christmas lights that were so well taken care of in a secondhand shop. Great find!

  9. paulad, I noticed that Value Village was selling the coloured mini lights for $4 per strand, so beware of those not so thrifty prices! The church sale still had clear mini-lights for 50¢ when I left.

    Mary, we were trimming the tree last night and Mr. SixBalloons actually believes these might be brand new - they are in perfect condition. I'm feeling very thankful to the people who took such good care of them!

  10. I love the baubles - im a sucker for buying vintage xmas decs. I really want to look out for some vintage lights too. Fabulous finds hun. Scarlett x


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