Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pyrex Aqua Snowflake Divided Dish

I made another crazy Pyrex score! I finally got my hands on a Turquoise Snowflake Divided Dish. I love the crispness of the white milk glass with simple design. I think it looks great stacked up with my Dandelion Divided Dish!

For a mere $3 I tucked this beauty under my arm and scooted over to the checkout. I thought the price was great, especially since I have seen prices as high as $7 for just a lid at Value Village.

It was in quite grimy shape but cleaned up fairly well. I'll have to put a bit more elbow grease into the nooks and crannies of the lid. I am guessing that its dirty condition contributed to its low price, and I'll definitely take that deal anytime when it looks easy to clean!

Even though Spring is well underway, I love how these dainty snowflakes look. I've seen photos of the reverse-colour version of this piece, with aqua background and white flowers, which is also beautiful.

Hmm, it also happens to look great with my Blue Scroll Promotional Piece! I love how these Pyrex pieces are so easy to coordinate. =)


  1. Yet another fabulous find. It DID clean up well didn't it. Both pieces look scrummy against the pink background!

  2. That's such a great deal!! I've seen just lids for more too. So pretty with your blue scroll. How I covet both of those!!!

  3. Nice find! I like those two-section dishes. Q: do you use yours, or just display?

  4. Wonderful find- I love the snowflake pattern! I have two pieces of the black and white, and would love to find an aqua to go with them. Amazing price, too!

  5. You just can't top those Pyrex blues :)

    How many divided casseroles do you have?

  6. Great find! Like Grace, I am also curious how people use these divided dishes. I have used mine once in the past with fruit on one side and chocolates on the other...It seems like it would be most conducive to serving munchies!

  7. The divided dishes are good for a number of things in the kitchen. I've used them when testing out recipes in the kitchen, say when I'm not sure how much salt to add to a dish - it's like getting two chances to try something out.

    I also use them for holding my chopped veggies when I'm preparing dishes (I like to have a small cutting board).

    I guess those uses are a bit odd but honestly most of the time I just ignore the fact that the dish is divided and consider it an ordinary oval-shaped baking pan or serving dish!

  8. You're kiling me! Three dollars! Such an amazing find. I collect snowflake patterns too - I'm just in love with them. Ditto goes for divided dishes. Since it's just my boyfriend and I around here, the divided dishes are perfect for sides. I fill one side with peas or green beans and the other with roasted parsnips or something. mmm. Now I'm craving food AND pyrex!

  9. Beautiful! I love the playful patterns!


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