Sunday, April 10, 2011

Figgjo Flint Tor Viking Pattern Saucepan Made in Norway

Based on last weekend's success with positive thinking on the teak ice bucket from my thrift wish list, I headed off to my local VV store, literally saying in my head over and over again: "Cathrineholm, Cathrineholm..." all the way to the store.

What I found instead was a different treasure from Norway. A Figgjo Flint sauce pan in the Tor Viking pattern! I've admired this pattern from afar, but have never seen any of these pieces in person. Those big cheerful flowers are so striking, and I love all the green and blue hues.

The piece is marked as Figgjo Flameware on the underside, "in Vulcanus quality for gas and electricity". It looks to have been well used with some heat marks on the underside. It has a pour spout on one side, and could be a gravy or sauce warmer, but I've also read that they were used to warm milk.

Figgjo produced several well known patterns; the designer Turi Gramstad Oliver was responsible for this Tor Viking creation. She also designed the more familiar Lotte pattern with the charming girl and mustache-clad boy while at her time with Figgjo between 1960-1980.

Sadly, this pan is chipped on one side. When I was at the store checking over the condition, I noticed that the chip felt quite rough and fresh. It pains me to think that it was damaged while sitting on the shelf! I love this pattern and am just glad I can take better care of it from here on. =)

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  1. I bought my mum the casserole dish in this pattern. She loved it and it was a bargain too. Lovely buy x

  2. Fab pattern - what a shame it was chipped. Glad you've taken in it and given it a home!

  3. oh figgjo! i just had to click through from atg... i have figgjo turi dishes and they are just the loveliest designs. sorry about the chip, i know the feeling. but i'm glad it is in a good home now ;)

    have a great week!

  4. Love that! Isn't it great when you find a treasure you weren't looking for?

  5. It's a beautiful design- and I love the pour spout!! Wonderful find! :)

  6. What a beautiful pattern!

    I believe in the positive thinking as well!

  7. I didn't get a chance to mention that I purchased this cute little pan for $3! I've come to terms with the chip - I figure I'll feel less paranoid when using it. The only problem is that now I am entranced by the mugs in this pattern...

    Lea, I'd love to see some photos of the casserole on your blog!

  8. Love the pattern on the pan, shame about the chip. You'll just have to have it turned the other way!! Also I've given you an award, Sal x

  9. It's gorgoeous!! Great find!! There is so much lovely stuff out there I had never heard of...


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