Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vintage Globe Coin Bank

Thanks to Julia and Chris over at A Living Space, I received this great tin globe coin bank from their giveaway!

A few months ago, I was distractedly thrift shopping while lugging the babe in arms and failed to pick up a Replogle Moon Globe. Yeah. It came with the brochure and everything. And was a measly two dollars. I actually drove back to the thrift where the cashier told me it had just walked out the door. Sob!

Now I have this little beauty to cheer me up :)

Whenever I look over a globe, I always check out my little spot on the earth. I think I have always done this since I was little!


  1. I firmly believe that things come to you when they are meant to be yours and that patience really pays off. Several months ago, I was at Goodwill in the Pyrex aisle and this lady managed to grab the 8" square and the 9" x 13" utility dishes in pink! I was devestated and haunted by it for quite a while. Well, I got the 8" for my birthday and in the last month have found 2 9" x 13"'s in the thrifts. I feel much better now:-)


    1. I'm lucky to never have experienced something like this yet.

      xx fingers crossed xx
      whatever else there is to do.

      Glad you got them!

  2. That is a cute bank, I'll keep my eyes opened for one of my own.

    Now tell me did you write about a ladybug musician a couple of months ago? I can't find who did...

  3. I'm happy that you have a new little globe. I think we all have a story or two about something we left behind. Mine was a complete set of Butterprint bowls at the GW for $24.
    I was just getting into Pyrex and didn't know that that was an amazing price and a great pattern. Walked out the door, regretted it so I went back, and of course they were gone!
    Almost a year later (even though I have about 130 pieces of Pyrex), I still don't have the complete set! Ahhhhh!
    Erica :) Do you feel a little better? LOL

  4. Great stories Erica's! Thanks for cheering me up :)

  5. man, don't you hate thrift-regret? i still mourn a fantastic hounds-tooth coat with a crushed velvet collar. i walked around the store with it on and decided i shouldn't spend $15 on it. stupid.
    but hey, the globe bank is awesome! i'm on the hunt for a globe lamp. i think they're so cool.


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