Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Le Creuset Ribbed Bottom Square Knob Lid

I have been a lazy blogger of late... There has just been so many current events to read about, new TV shows, new recipes to try, and a fast-moving baby to chase around!

But as you know, I've always got time for some Le Creuset.

I ebayed this little 1 quart beauty and I just love it. This older piece has three traits which no longer exist on modern pieces:

-square cast iron knob on the lid
-ribbed, enamelled underside of the pot
-letters rather than numbers to denote the pot size.

I love the look of the square knob!

Does anyone happen to know the age of the pot, or when these three items were phased out?


  1. I'm being lazy right with you! So many other things, and babies are only little for such a short while- you have to smoosh them while you can! Love the pot, the blue is so pretty! :)

    1. I am definitely smooshing as much as I can!! :)

  2. FAB piece!!! I'd love to find some retro turquoise pieces, all my blue ones are new.

  3. Oh I dream of your Loewy all the time...!

  4. NICE! That is a sweet color.

    I have 2 creuset pieces from the 90s and I love cooking with them :)

  5. Lucky girl! You always find the best Creuset pieces :)

  6. I have an orange one from the same era in size B. Did you ever find out the era? I was trying to figure out that info myself and came across your blog. Is it 60s or 70s? Thanks!


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