Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Faded Figgjo Lotte Dishes

I really love the Norweigan Figgjo Flint ceramics, especially the beautiful handpainted Lotte pattern.

I snagged these three plates for a dollar at a garage sale but they are in faded crazed condition. I keep telling myself to stop purchasing imperfect stuff but I just can't seem to resist.

Would you have had the willpower to leave em behind? Or is there always a right price?


  1. I think that when an item is well worn, it shows that it was well loved. I wouldn't have left them behind.


  2. I know all about it, sometimes you just can't help yourself - you want it, you have to buy it! They're nice, I probably would have taken them too....

  3. Ithey have a sweet signature even! Great price on those...I would have snagged them, too!


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