Sunday, September 9, 2012

Le Creuset Garage Sale Haul... from a Reader!

Nope, it wasn't me! A lucky reader emailed me some photos showing his epic vintage Le Creuset haul.

Each piece is individually priced but he scored this whole set at a garage sale in Alberta for $20!! What a deal!

He mentioned that the sellers were two ladies in their 80s. This seems to be often the case, where an older owner decides that the cast iron cookware is too heavy and passes the pieces on.

Look at the fantastic condition of the interiors. They must have taken wonderful care of these pieces.

I also like how some of the older vintage pieces have the enamelled, ribbed bottoms.

I am glad these went to a good home, as this SixBalloons reader really appreciates vintage goodies... But it kinda shocks me that no family members wanted to scoop these up! Le Creuset cookware should be treated like family heirlooms, shouldn't they?


  1. Eeek! Unbelievable price! I would faint if I'd gotten them!

  2. They are in amazing condition! What a fantastic deal he scored!

  3. WOW. That is a seriously fantastic find! I would have been in shock to find them. How fun!!


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