Friday, August 31, 2012

Starbucks City Mugs

At my favourite church basement, I came across two Starbucks 2002 Skyline Series City Mugs.

At first, I was going to choose the Chicago one but when I saw the pricing discount for the pair, I just had to get them both. I felt pretty cheap afterwards that I can be so easily swayed by a dollar. Ha!

I'm glad I did since the Victoria mug sells for $25-$30 on eBay.  I was surprised that the Chicago mug is not a high seller, but it is probably because it is more common. I guess lots of flights stop over in Chicago, so more collectors have access to that city.

I have always loved these oversized Starbucks mugs since my sister bought me the Santa Monica one from the original City series. I rarely see them at the thrift, so I was pleased to snag these, given their mint condition!

Love the Legislature buildings shown on the design!


  1. Oh nice. I would have bought them for resale. I never did a lot research on them though, but when I was selling the Starbucks stuff I had accumulated for years after working there on eBay, I saw they were high sellers. I just figured they all were, lol, but for $3 I wouldn't have minded taking the chance.

  2. These are very cool. I have never seen one of the city mugs in a thrift shop but love that the Victoria one is worth so much!

  3. I loved collecting Starbuck's mugs- I would always get a new one when we'd go on vacation, or for special occasions. Sadly, my kitchen helpers have unfortuantely annihilated almost every single one. :( And it seems that Starbuck's isn't making cute mugs like they used to, so the thrifts are my only hope for replacement! I never collected the City mugs, but you definitely got a great deal! :)

    1. It is probably still a worthwhile sacrifice in exchange for some kitchen help, right?!

    2. Ha- yes, I do have a great crew of help. I have to keep reminding myself that it's just "stuff". :)

  4. i am looking for the Vancouver one that has stanley park on it - it's hard to come by; so if you ever see one, pick it up for me! LOL!

  5. I'm surprised these sell for so much. This is something I'd skip at the thrift store. I shall get in the habit of researching finds more while hunting!


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