Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage Fisher Price Teaching Clock and Farmer Pull Toy

Earlier in the summer, I stopped at a church thrift sale in an uppity neighborhood in town. I have had success in this area in the past, and scored some vintage Fisher Price collectibles this year.

I loved my Fisher Price toys as a kid. From the xylophone, rolling telephone, to toy vaccuum cleaner, I was drawn to their colors and sounds! Of course these two are from before my time. They are dated from the 1960s!

I am amazed at how these toys were actually handmade. They consist of solid wood pieces to which nails are hammered in, clearly by hand. Such a contrast from today's monotonous machinery.

You know that SixBalloons would love this part of the lithograph on the Teaching Clock right?

This music knob probably looks familiar to many of us. There is a line on the clock litho that reads "Musical movement made in Japan". The sound is rich and wonderful.

Unfortunately these guys aren't in the best of shape!

I paid $5 each for these two. I probably could have left the farmer pull toy behind but I liked the way his head bobbed back and forth as he was driving along, heh.


  1. I bet the clock is fun to listen to!

  2. I am pretty sure that I had the teaching clock as a kid-does it play Hickory-Dickory Dock? A lot of these music box movements were made by Sankyo which also made my flute. I do not know if the company makes music boxes but they still make high-end student and professional flutes.

    1. I actually don't know the name of the song but I don't believe it is hickory dickory.... If you search fisher price teaching clock in YouTube, perhaps you can let me know?

  3. I love these! I found the teaching clock at a thrift a few years back and sent it to my niece for her birthday- she loved it! The farmer is a fun one as well. :)


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