Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Foley Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Last week I posted about my Ball jars and had these cute little measuring spoons shown in the photo.

I picked up this stainless steel set at the church thrift sale for 50¢. I see measuring spoons all the time, but had to have these because of their clever and simple design. Those two vintage wooden rulers shown were 10¢ each at the same place.

The spoons are faintly marked with a script reading "Foley" on the largest spoon. I've seen a photo of an unopened old set that sold for 98¢, so I paid about half price a few decades later! I believe the company has now changed hands, but they originally sold their goods in regular supermarkets and were known for quality wares for low prices.

This set of nesting spoons has a genius way of being clasped together. The smallest pair of spoons has a hook, while the other two pairs have an opening. The hook clamps the set together, keeping them neat and tidy!

My modern Batali set works great too, as it's plastic with internal magnets to keep them together in a similar fashion, but you really can't beat stainless steel can you?


  1. I love these spoons and the vintage Pyrex measuring cup. Practical vintage housewares are the best!

  2. Those are lovely measuring spoons! Great design never goes out of style! :-)

  3. I like the way even small simple items had a lot of thought go into the design. We can learn so much from the past. Thanks for sharing!

  4. True true. Finding good quality stainless kitchen items can be a pricey these days, so I love finding good quality vintage ones.

  5. My mom has this set. I had been keeping my eyes open for years for a set and just recently found some on EBay. I had the Batali set in the interim, but they broke in the middle and the oval heads were much more bulky and clumsy. These are simply the best measuring spoons ever!


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