Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cuisinart Chopper and Bodum Coffee Press Thrifted!

No vintage goodies for this post, but I do have a couple items from the thrift shop to share, at great prices. I considering purchasing these items at full price at one time, but was able to find them both for bargain basement prices!

I snagged a Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus food processor at the Wilson Heights church thrift sale, for the princely sum of $4. I tried this little guy out at the church thrift sale to make sure everything was working well. The lid isn't perfect but I kitchen-tested it with a batch of white bean dip and everything turned out alright.

Another score at the old folks' home thrift basement was this Bodum coffee press for $1. Yahoo! I first came across the Bodum press when having tea at a local restaurant. It's perfect for loose leaf teas, and I like how this is suitable for single serve portions.

Although I'm usually on the lookout for vintage goodies and collectibles, I can't say no to practical items at the thrift sometimes. Hopefully I will get a lot of use out of these two new-to-me items, and at $5 for this thrift haul, they were cheap enough to justify. I'll be experimenting with whipping up dips and chopping veggies in my chopper, and enjoying some nice hot cups of tea. =)

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  1. Oooh well done! I must say, I never thought of putting tea leaves in my bodum cafetiere, but it makes perfect sense!

  2. I really love those Bodum coffee presses! I think that is a great find. Also a Cuisinart for 4 bucks?! Score! I love finding practical everyday-use finds for my house while I'm thrifting. You get a great new gadget (or two in this case!) and you feel great about the money you spent. Win, win!

  3. I like vintage goodies as much as the next thrifter, but I'm a big believer in buying functional items as well and both of these were great finds!

  4. Oooh yes the Bodum is in such great shape too. I still enjoy doing a lot of things by hand with mortar and pestle, but how could I say no to a $4 mini kitchen appliance? With the silver finish too!

  5. The Bodum is great for loose coffee too! Great find for a dollar! Enjoy your dips and chopped veges. We were given my inlaws 40 year old kenwood mixer recently and I love it, use it all the time for baking.

  6. Wowza! Those are some great deals!! I have that Cuisinart and it's fantastic!!


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