Friday, February 4, 2011

Pyrex Pink Daisy

I love Saturday mornings, because that's when I get an opportunity to visit my regular church thrift stops. Last Saturday, the friendly volunteers mentioned that the proceeds from the sale were going to a Boys and Girls Club in their neighbourhood.

Instead of flying straight over to the housewares section, I milled about in a quieter area of the store when I first entered. I was rewarded with a Pink Daisy oval divided dish in pristine condition!

It came with its own clear lid and was priced at $3. One of the volunteers told me that she just placed it on the table. I looked around and realized that they were putting out all the new stuff in this area where it was nice and quiet!

There were some amazing treasures in that place. This magical new-stuff table had a basket labelled "Vintage Leather Gloves $2" with ridiculously buttery ladies' gloves. Not only were they the softest leather I'd probably ever felt, some had handmade embroidery-like edging details, cut-out patterns at the cuff, and came in blacks, browns, and whites. I know I am gushing here, but they were simply magnificent.

Luckily for the next person, the gloves were much too small for me. My hands are fairly petite, so either people were built differently back then, or the gloves were for little girls. Either way, I loved having the chance to admire them and appreciate the handiwork that went into creating them, and I happily walked out with my first pale pink Pyrex piece!


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all your finds. You taught me something new about cast iron brands.
    I love your pink Pyrex!
    You have a new follower!

  2. What a cheery little fun dish! If I don't watch it, I think I might be tempted to start picking up old pyrex too! Not that I need another thing to collect....

  3. OOOh love em all! I can't wait to hit the thrifts this weekend..after all the snow!

  4. Is that other dish Pyrex? I LOVE that pattern. Lucky girl!

  5. What a great find and what a great price! Is that other dish Pyrex, we have never seen that print. Very cute!

    Have a good weekend,
    Laura and Michele

  6. What a great piece! I've yet to come across anything in pink as of yet- its very high on my Pyrex wishlist.

  7. Love the pink Pyrex! I have one rather worn piece of pink but still dreaming of the find like yours for only $3...score. The gloves sound wonderful.

  8. Thanks everyone! And Tina, I can't believe I have 41 followers now, very exciting!

    Laura, Michele and Amanda, yes indeed that is a promotional Pyrex piece which Mr. SixBalloons got for me for Christmas... Read all about it at this post:

  9. I like this one - very pretty. I would buy this.


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