Saturday, April 3, 2010

Corningware Cornflower Casseroles and Teapot

Did everyone who grew up in the 80s have Corningware in their house?

My mom still uses her set for casseroles and the like. You can't beat its ability to go from the stovetop to table to fridge. Now that I'm cooking on my own, I find myself wanting to replicate my mom's recipes to satisfy cravings for home cooking.

I picked up three casserole dishes and a little cute accompaniment from a craigslist seller. I use them regularly, especially since the lids make them so convenient for both leftovers and holding foods as I marinade them.

A couple of people purchased the new French White Corningware sets for us on our wedding day. Much as I am grateful for the presents, I find that they are heavy compared to the vintage versions, so we get less use out of them... And the blue cornflower detail on the "old" set is so charming too.

A recent trip to Value Village scored a nice find to add to my collection - a 6 Cup water kettle that we never had at home. Heats up nice and quick and was in great condition for the $5 price tag.

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  1. Lovely! I agree the blue flower detail makes them more charming.

  2. I like the old styles with handles. The French White can be hard to pick up, esp when it's hot out of the oven.

  3. We have the same set. My spouse liked the corning ware very much!

  4. Indeed, these pieces are great. I think most people who have them tend to reach for them all the time. They are so convenient and light and the handles and lids make them practical too.


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