Sunday, April 18, 2010

Found and Lost in Mexico - Silk Jaeger Scarf

I had a great day thrifting a couple of months ago with a couple of unexpected gems... Diamonds in the rough. The first was a set of vintage orange Tupperware measuring cups. They were so cute and colourful and best of all, in perfect condition. A quick look on etsy tells me that two of the smaller sized cups are missing from this set, but I'm happy with my find.

The funny thing is that these cups were buried in a cluttered plastic basket of not-so-goodies. Ick. I also spotted a yellow plastic grater labelled in lower case: "got-relb made in germany". I have never seen an item like this before and am a bit perplexed on what to do with it. A google search didn't show me much, other than a white-coloured one that some website in German was selling.

As I was paying for my loot at the till, I noticed a little drawer of used scarves. Usually I shy away from clothing items but I noticed a beautiful pattern and couldn't put it down after taking a quick peek. The beautiful floral pattern, soft feel in my hands and great condition drew me to it. I quickly paid for it and left, and when I returned home I noticed a tag that read JAEGER London / Milan / etc. Some googling tells me that Jaeger scarves were sold at Harrods and Harvey Nichols stores back in the day. Huh. Not sure if that's all accurate but it's still a nice scarf.

So fast forward to last week when I was in Cabo San Lucas for a vacation... We went for a walk along the beach - the wind was crazy! At this spot on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the Sea of Cortes meets with the Pacific Ocean and creates huge waves. I was using my great scarf to protect my neck from sunburns, and it was doing the perfect job keeping me cool and covered. When we were nearing the part of the beach near our hotel, my hubby says, "Hey, what happened to your scarf?" Groan. A light scarf during face-whipping winds could travel a far distance and when we turned around to look it was nowhere to be found.

I wish I had some better photos of the scarf but now it's gone to where the wind has taken it! I suppose the best thing about thrifting is that I spent $2 on a wonderful scarf that did its job. The worst thing is that I likely won't see that nice pattern again.


  1. Sorry you lost a pretty scarf! Time to go shop for a new one!

    But seriously, how do you clean an item you find at a thrift shop? Or do I just sound paranoid about germs?

  2. Heh, there's websites with tips on how to clean and care for your vintage silk scarves!


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