Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kitchen Colours

One of the best things about having vintage pieces in my kitchen is that it really brightens things up. This is not to say new things can't provide a splash of colour too! One of the staple meals we've been cooking over the winter has been a big pot of chili in our shiny, new, Cobalt Blue Le Creuset dutch oven. I love how easy it is to clean, and I'm glad we are making use of this piece.

I typically make a habit of checking out the housewares section whenever I am shopping at a second-hand store. This paid off yesterday when I spotted a vintage Le Creuset #16 Flame-coloured saucepot!

I opened up the lid expecting it to be horribly discoloured on the inside but surprisingly, the enamel was in quite good shape. When I stumble upon gems like this, I simply can't believe that people throw out perfectly good items. I guess by donating it, they aren't really throwing it out I suppose. Good thing there are thrifters around to give these goodies a second chance. I paid $10 for the pot, and am already thinking of recipes I can prepare in this little guy.

My lucky streak continued when I found a Pyrex Delphite Blue casserole dish the next aisle over. I really debated whether to purchase this item because it was missing its beautiful lid and I couldn't really think of a practical use for it. I picked it up anyway, because it was priced alright at $5. Perhaps it will look good brimming with colourful oranges...

The last item of the day was a vintage avocado green fondue pot. The wood grain on the beautiful handle, and of course the great colour, reeled me in! I combed the shelves for almost an hour, searching in vain for the matching lid. It was a bit depressing when I concluded that no lid would be found. I'm sure it would have had a great matching wood knob handle on it. Again, for $5, I knew I would find a use for it in the kitchen, so I happily scooped it up. The interior of the pot is surprisingly perfect, and I think the shape will lend itself well to little tasks like boiling eggs and heating up soups.

A bountiful day at the thrift store!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of finds! Nice.

    So your blue Le Creuset is a new one though.

    I was just making chicken soup in my red Le Creuset dutch oven this evening.

  2. Great finds!!! Kitchen items are always my favourite buys, $10 is a great price for Le Creuset, ever since finding my vintage le creuset dutch oven I've been on the lookout for more, no luck yet!

  3. The green one comes whit no lid,its a "fondu pot"


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