Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pyrex Butterprint Bowl and Casserole

The same craigslist seller also had these great Butterprint pieces which I wanted to add to my collection.

I wonder who came up with this quirky pattern with the farmers and wheat harvest images! It is kind of hilarious.

I paid around $15 a piece for these, which is normally above my limit, but I really like the 403 size bowl and of course, the butterprint pattern reeled me in. Again. I mixed some bread dough in this bowl the other day and took some pics. I should be able to share that homemade bread recipe soon!


  1. You can never go wrong with Butterprint!

  2. This is my favorite color combo! I really like the turquoise on white background.

  3. Butterprint is so pretty! I love it. I would kill for a 404 though. I can't seem to find one, 401-403 are so plentiful & I don't mind having 10 of each.

  4. Hey S.B., I haven't kept up with your blog lately.... or any blog. I see you have a lot of Pyrex! Nice. Great photos. I'll read backwards from here.


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