Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Le Creuset Saucepot from Craigslist

My hoarding of Le Creuset lovelies continues!! Shortly after SixBalloons baby was born, I was feeling pretty cooped up in the house and isolated from the outside world... except for the trusty internet and the even trustier Craigslist.

I checked out a posting with a photo showing that signature vibrant Flame colour. A vintage Le Creuset piece! The seller was in the neighbouring suburb to me; not very far, but a terrifying distance in my mind. I wondered, "How does one go out with a baby? Alone??".

Check out the nice interior of the pot. Used and appreciated, but lots of life left.

I let the seller know that I'd gladly purchase it if she would sell it for $20. We agreed on the price and I asked her to hold it for me since I wasn't sure when I'd be able to reach her. She ended up dropping the piece off to me. I just love coming across kindhearted people like this while thrifting or buying something in the Craigslist community.

The #14 size pot is fairly small, and makes sense for heating up single-serve portions or making sauces. This pot appears to be newer than the similar #16 Le Creuset Flame Saucepot that I found at Value Village back in the day. It has the similar hollow cast iron handle, but the phenolic lid knobs are different. The older piece also has a textured, enamelled surface, whereas this piece is unglazed cast iron.

The underside of the handle has areas of bubbled enamel that seems to be a manufacturing flaw. Other than that, there is just a minor chip on the lid, so the function is still good.

Can't wait to try out some new dishes with this pot!

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  1. I love that! I have a yellow descoware the same size, and used it to warm bottles up in the early months. :) And don't worry- it does seem scary to leave the house by yourself with a baby- but you can do it! It's scarier in your mind than in action...start with a quick local trip and expand from there. Just prepare for a diaper blow-out! I don't know how they know when the worst time for those would be, but it's inevitable! ha. :)

  2. Love the pot!!! Get out there with the baby early on, otherwise it can seem like a much bigger deal than it is :-) If you have a Baby Bjorn you can potter to your heart's delight and the baby is all snug and warm against your heartbeat. Such a beautiful time with your firstborn :-)

  3. Excellent score. I have yet to find Le Crueset in the wild

  4. As I DASH off to start scouring craigslist in my area for Le Creusets. Why had I not thought of that as a place to find them on the cheap? GREAT! IDEA! :)


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