Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pyrex Lime Green Baker and Loaf Pans

Hunting for Pyrex is always an adventure. A few months back, I hit up multiple thrifts in one day - at the first place, I purchased a lime green rectangular baker. When I zipped into my local Value Village later, I found the matching lime green loaf pan!

Unfortunately, I must have been distracted by the fact that these were my first pieces of this size and color because their condition was terrible. I tried Magic Eraser, soaking, Bar Keeper's Friend, and elbow grease, and this is as good as it got.

The worrisome thing on the baker is these deep scratches on the pan handle. I'm pretty paranoid about that creating weak spots and increasing the risk of Pyrex shatter.

I made an observation while photographing the pans... There are two different loaf pan sizes!

My lime pan has a Made in Canada logo (which is imprinted in reverse on the underside) and is numbered as a 212 pan whereas the flamingo pink is made in the USA and is size number 213.

That's definitely good to know for those Pyrex collectors who like stacking their loaf pans. So what do you think, would you keep the pieces even though they aren't much to look at?


  1. I'd keep them just because I bake a lot, and I wouldn't worry too much if those particular ones broke - but I also live with 3 boys and everything seems to break eventually around here. :( I love the size of the rectangular baker, too! :)

  2. Six, I've read that oven cleaner works when nothing else does. I hate using the stuff, but I did buy some of the fume-free kind (although still toxic)...i haven't used it yet though. I have a few pieces that are not coming clean, and if I work up the nerve to use it, I'll let you know how it comes out. :)

  3. I find that the canadian made lime stains a lot more than the american one. Weird!

    Never tried the oven cleaner, which reminds me I have to buy some and clean my oven! :)

  4. Have you given them a good soak in bleach water yet? I seem to have good luck with the that for the stains in the deep scratches. Less so for the baked on crud.

    No explanation for the different pan sizes :)

  5. Hmm, it is hard to tell from the photos but the grime seems etched right in! The finish has dulled in those areas... These two lime guys just might be destined for my local church thrift sale.

  6. Great finds! I so rarely see the lime green Pyrex, but I love it. I second (or third?) the oven cleaner suggestion. I remember a post from another thrifter (can't remember who...) a few months back with a tutorial about using Easy Off on stained Pyrex. I thought it sounded scary at first, but the results were amazing!

  7. For grease stains like those I use Dawn Power Dissolver. It comes in a blue squirt bottle in the big-box stores. It is, in essence, a mild, food-safe oven-cleaner in case you're worried about fumes and such (because let's be honest - oven cleaner is nasty stuff!). That plus an electric toothbrush will get all that grime out of there.

  8. I was just going to say dawn always helps me, soak in hot water and dawn

  9. Hi! Found you today thru YardSaleBloodbath, and have been going back in time to see what Pyrex you like...had to comment b/c I've found that soaking in dishwasher powder (Cascade,Finish, etc.) dissolved in super hot water overnight will clean just about anything. It's like magic, and when you pull the plug, your sink is really clean, too!


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