Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Archie Comic Books

Mr. SixBalloons and I just came back from a weekend trip to Vancouver Island for a wedding... The trip back was very hectic as several BC Ferries sailings were cancelled due to high winds! We had quite the adventure in the Provincial Capital though, as we were able to hit up about TEN thrift stores in one afternoon. =)

We are often on the hunt for cheap Archies at the thrift store. We like being able to pick them up for under a $1, and we came upon a huge batch in Victoria.

My favourite of the series are the Jughead Jones ones. Archie's loyal sidekick always cracks me up and I think I like having a break from all the relationship drama that Archie, Betty, and Veronica always seem to be going through.

I love how the books from the 80's give you the perspective of inflation... See how this Single Digest comic book is priced at $1.50? They cost about $5 new these days!

When we were kids, my Mom actually didn't like us reading Archies. She thought they were sexist and a bit inappropriate. As you can see from the cover above, I can kind of see her point. I take the Archies with a grain of salt when I read them. I guess they're like Pulp Fiction, sort of a guilty pleasure and an easy read.

Here's Jughead at it again with his food obsession. I like how this Double Digest was only priced at 49 cents at one thrift!

We came away with a good haul of Archies that'll last us for quite some time. More importantly, I was able to thrift it up in another city this weekend. It was actually a perfect way for us to walk around exploring the town with my marked up maps - even though there were some hits and misses, we had a great time.

Perhaps my next couple posts will summarize the stores we visited and what goodies we saw and purchased!

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  1. I feel so old....the 1980s are 'vintage' now :)

    My daughter buys up all the Archie digests she can get her hands on (under $1 of course). Last year I found a box of about 60 digests and paid $35...gave it to her for her birthday. Most were from the 80s & 90s.

    There are lots of thrift stores in Chilliwack, if you ever get out that way :)

  2. Oh I hear you, about the 80s... How can that be? I have a coworker who does not know what Fraggle Rock is. And has never seen Back to the Future... nor Karate Kid!

  3. I used to read some Archie comics as a kid, but liked my Batman much better!

    Have you ever read the hilarious vintage Mad spoof of Archie? 'Twas perfection. Guess I'm just a vintage comic junkie, I should stop nerding now :)

  4. Ten thrift stores in one afternoon = my dream!
    Looking forward to seeing what other treasures you found!

  5. I'd love to be thrifting at ten different shops in one day.......

  6. Wow! That brings back some memories! I loved Archie comics and my cousin was heavy into Superman which I always read when at his house!
    Thanks for visiting!

  7. What fun you must of had at the stores!! Those comics bring back such memories!!

  8. Van, I've gotta check out the Archie Mad Spoof - thanks for the tipoff!

    Yes, I was pretty pumped about being able to visit so many thrift stores in one day. Some were hits and some were misses, but I'll post about those later this week!

  9. ten shops! you need to post a map! which ones did you visit?

  10. oh WOW! I used to read Archie comics all the time. Thanks for starting another vobsession :)


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