Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Value Village in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island

As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. SixBalloons and I were out of town over last weekend for a wedding. Luckily, we squeezed in a bunch of thrifting - since we hit up ten stores, I think I'll have to break it up into two posts!

First up is the Value Village store, which was huge. It seemed like the racks went on forever, and best of all, the staff were constantly buzzing around the aisles, restocking!

I mostly bypassed the clothing and shoes due to time constraints, and focussed on housewares. There I found several pieces of Pyrex, including an Opal Divided Dish, Shenedoah Casserole with lid, and dishwashered Terra casserole.

The Opal and Shendoah pieces were in great shape, but I just don't think they were priced very well at $7.99!

There were also Pyrex carafes galore!

All shapes, sizes and patterns. But nothing that really tickled my fancy.

I did a double take when I saw this large set of Pyrex restaurant ware in the red and gold trim. They were in beautiful condition but the pricing was along the lines of $2.99 for a teacup, so I didn't think about it too long.

I was quite excited when I saw a pair of these Chaleur Starbucks mugs. I had read on the Recycle-ista's blog that these were collectible items, however, these were badly crazed on the bottom and yet still priced at $3.99 each. Grrr.

If you're sensing a theme here, I have a few more misses to show you. I spotted this yellow beauty which is just like my mint green Melitta. I noticed right away that the lid knob was chipped but even worse, it was very badly crazed on the bottom.

We made out alright at this Value Village as we purchased a bunch of Archie Comic Books for 80¢ a piece and picked up another book Mr. SixBalloons has been wanting to read. However, it was a bit disappointing that the other items didn't live up to their potential.

Here are the details on the store, in case you are ever on the Island:

Value Village
1810 Store Street at Fisgard
Victoria, BC  V8T 4R4
(250) 380-9422

More to follow later in the week, when I wrap up my Victoria thrift shops review and share the goodies I was able to buy!

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  1. I love to thrift shop on vacation. I must say those prices are really high for Pyrex and in that condition. The thrifts are getting crazy high lately. hugs, Linda

  2. I've been in Victoria since the fall and every thrift shop I go into is overpriced! I'd love to hear about any stops you made that had good deals! In fact, the high priced and low quality thrift stores here have pretty much made me stop trying entirely! Maybe your finds will renew my love...

  3. I love to get away and check out new places - I think that VV has increased their prices - wonder what their guidelines for pricing are??? It sure seems a high price for a divided.....

  4. I hate Value Village Pricing, will only go there when all of my other haunts are gone to first. If they priced things better I am sure they would sell more items.

  5. I think I would have bought the Terra casserole, dishwashered or not.

    I love those days when you hit up so many stores & I love thrifting out of town!

  6. We definitely had a lot of fun exploring and visiting so many stores. However, online reviews of this particular Value Village had made mention of the crazy high prices, so we knew going in that it might be a deterrent.

    I think they get away with it because their selection is relatively good. The place is crawling with customers though! It was packed during the daytime Friday!

    Can't wait to share the rest of my observations on thrifting in Victoria... Just have to put my photos together...

  7. Those prices don't make sense! I am glad you did not leave empty handed!

  8. Yes, I've noticed the escalating prices at the thrift stores as well. Love hearing about out of town thrifting!

  9. My brother lives in Washington state, near Vancouver, and has mentioned that his Value Village is a bit pricy for a thrift. Now I see what he means! I, too, would have left that Pyrex restaurantware behind at those prices, but I'd probably have shed a tear or two in the process! ;)

  10. I also think I have an easier time parting with my money on thrift buys when I know it's going to a charity and/or it's a place run by volunteers. I tend to be a bit more selective at the Value Village type stores.

  11. This is definitely a common theme on thrift blogs - the over-pricing of items at Value Village. A few folks have commented to me that other thrift shops are following VV's lead and starting to price higher. makes for less fun - and i also wonder how it hurts those for whom thrift shopping isn't a hobby but a necessity?

  12. GAH the prices! @#$%Y$% So frustrating!

  13. Yes, I fear that the needy really cannot afford shops like Value Village. It's likely more affordable to even buy new at Walmart or Old Navy.

    The reality is, VV is a business and I suppose if their prices are the way they are, and the store was packed and full of customers, they are probably quite content with their business plan. I guess as consumers, we all have choices too.

  14. We don't have a VV in my area but all of the thrifts are charging higher prices for "vintage" items. They usually print out an Ebay listing (usually one with no bids and a high starting price) and tape it to the item or near it to justify the price. CRAZY!!!

  15. My sister collects Starbucks Mugs but they have closed now here in South Australia. I brought one back from London for her and she was so excited. Shame about the yellow teapot(?)> It's really cute.

  16. There aren't VV here, either, but I've noticed the prices of Pyrex are starting to get higher at the Salvation Army and also at a few of the locally owned thrifts. There was a beat up yellow 403 for $5 at one today. That's just crazy in my books. Thanks for sharing all your thrifty finds!

  17. oh wow, sounds like that store is huge! and oh boy, the prices. yes, i agree with all of the above.

  18. HAHA
    This is my V.V.
    Yes it is overpriced since everything is donated. Lately it is packed. Where did all these people come from? It is even packed at 930 in the am! Is it b/c it is now trendy to thrift? I hope this is over soon I miss my store.

  19. I love a 'thrift' vacation :) I did the same on my way to Prince George and back last summer. PG and Kamloops have quite a few stores.

    Yes, VV is getting out of control. It really varies from town to town and store to store. I have better luck at the MCC thrift stores in the valley.

    I don't know if I could have left without taking at least one carafe ;)

  20. Hmm, I guess the reality is, people shop at Value Village because of the volume of goods - the selection is huge, and I suppose they keep things on the shelves because it's not crazy-cheap.

    I do agree with Anonymous though - it seems the VV stores are super busy! Must be from the popularity of shows like Auction Hunters, Pawn Stars, Antiques Roadshow, etc.

    It _was_ very hard to leave everything behind, but I agree, other thrifts have so much better pricing...

  21. This is why I don't shop at Value Village. Ahah! They have really great selections though and the stores are huge, but boy, prices are steep. There are still the occasional "great find-great price" items, which is awesome. But I think they do a lot of research, so they get to price valuable items a little higher.

    Awesome Pyrex finds! Love that Starbucks mug, too. If ever I'd have the chance to visit the Island, maybe I could stop there and drop by!

  22. It's always fun to check out new places when on vacation. To bad the prices were high. You never know what you will find, the hunt is always fun!
    Thanks for visiting!


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