Sunday, November 20, 2011

Canada Post Mailbox Coin Bank

I found this great piggy bank styled as a Canada Post Mailbox at the thrift for $3! This mailbox was in use across the country from 1966 to 1982.

It caught my eye because I had a Canada Post vintage coin bank as a child too - an even older version in white and blue version where the letter slot actually opened and you could insert coins in.

You might be able to see my awesome blue velvet chair (thrifted of course) in the background... I still love the way that colour pops!

There's bilingual labels on the box indicating collection times and of course, Postes Canada or Canada Post.

There's some nice detail on the front too.

Linking up to HLA's Flea Market Finds and Ana's Archive Dive!


  1. Such a sweet little mail box. x

  2. That's a great find - I remember those mailboxes....

  3. I remember it being such a shock when the mailboxes changed but then you barely even remember it till you see an old momento...

  4. oh i love this! they were so nice.

    i truly dislike the new ones with the words all over them. i know they were trying to dissuade vandalism with the new design, but they're just so blah.

  5. I actually found a night stand someone put out for trash. Im restoring it as we speak to look like one of those!


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