Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vintage Le Creuset Bean Pot!

On one of my road trips to the Okanagan this summer, I made a great find at a local thrift store. We checked into the hotel and I threw open the drapes to look out the window. Believe it or not there was a huge sign painted on the side of a neighbouring building that read: "Thrift Store - Next Right"!

Of course I skipped over there shortly after putting down the luggage, and reached the store about ten minutes before closing. This was one of those sad little thrift stores, with intimidating-looking people hanging around outside, and awful furniture everywhere inside. I had low expectations, until I caught a glimpse of that flame coloured cast iron I love so much.

I went closer and saw that it was a well-loved bean pot. At first I couldn't believe I'd find a classic Le Creuset piece in a random thrift store. I thought to myself, "This must be a Descoware!" and "It's probably unmarked!".

Then I turned the lid over and ...

... saw a sight for sore eyes! A hard to find bean pot, marked Le Creuset, and priced at $5! Le Creuset currently offers a stoneware version, but I believe it's quite rare to find the vintage cast iron versions. I have seen these sell on ebay for between $100-$200. Yeowch!

The lid does have a couple chips on it and there is crazing on the interior enamel, but this is just such a beautiful little pot. The colour gradient is just beautiful.

It just goes to show you - you really never do know what you'll find in a small town thrift store! This little treasure was located on the lower shelf in the last corner of the store that I looked.  =)

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  1. That is so cute! Will you be making beans in it?

  2. Le Creuset is the best and the color of the pot is wonderful.You did well thrift shopping ((:

  3. arrgghhhh.
    lucky woman!
    now to cook...

  4. The colour and shape of your little pot is stunning

  5. Great find! I've seen those things for $50 and up at swap meets occasionally.

  6. Thanks everyone! I love the cute little size and shape of the pot. Not sure if I will cook up some beans though, the inside enamel is quite crazed. Might just try a small batch of chickpeas...

  7. It's a beauty!! Were these little pots created with a certain purpose in mind?

  8. paulad, apparently the shape of these pots were suitable for cooking dried beans and prevent them from sticking to the pot. Other cast iron makers had bulbous shaped pots too!

  9. I just saw the Descoware version of this bean pot in an antique mall for $89. I thought of you and your great find!

  10. Wowsers! I actually have this sitting as a centrepiece on our living room coffee table. (I know, kinda weird). Maybe I should think about selling it...


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