Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vintage Le Creuset Saucepot

If you've visited this blog before, you have a rough idea that vintage Le Creuset makes me swoon. As I was scouring craigslist the other day, I saw a listing for a vintage white #16 saucepot with no photos! The seller lived quite close to my workplace, so I stopped by after work yesterday to have a look.

I was quite pleased to see the nice condition, especially of the wood (teak?) handle. I happily paid the $30 she was asking. Some I have seen on ebay have dull-looking wood, or scorch marks. This handle is even engraved/etched with "Le Creuset". There are some light surface marks on the interior but I think I can make it work. :)

I previously blogged here on a previous post about a great #16 flame coloured pot that I found for a steal at Value Village and now it's got a cousin!


  1. We both like small, round, practical pots! (thinking of the same Corningware pot that we also share in common).


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