Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Le Creuset That Wasn't

I am a real craigslist addict. It's so full of surprise nuggets every now and then, and I was hooked a couple of years ago when I scored a perfect condition set of Pyrex Crazy Daisy mixing bowls for a good price. More about that some other time!

My typical searches include looking for vintage Le Creuset items. The other day I found an aqua coloured vintage #26 oval roaster/dutch oven with the old Cousances look, noted by the seller as being in "excellent condition". I really love the flared handles... Not a huge fan of the lid handle, but I admit it looks nice and sleek despite it seeming too hot to handle. Here is the photo from the craigslist posting:

When I met up with the seller, she told me that her mother owned this piece but the seller just doesn't use it in her cooking. I noticed that the exterior of the roaster was in great condition; however, when she opened the lid, I saw orangey utensil scratches on the bottom of the pot.

Because I have been purchasing a lot of items lately, I respectfully declined. I told the seller I was so tempted and I was sure she would sell it soon to someone who would love it. I wonder if a good baking soda soak would have made it better... What do you think, was this a good buy at $30?


  1. $30 seems a bit high... I would hesitate as well. From the title of this post, I thought you were going to talk about a fake Le Creuset or something! But it wasn't a fake, just one you didn't buy.

    If she was really motivated, she would have let you have that for $10. Methinks.

  2. Naw, she ended up selling it to someone the same day. I think what turned me off was the likelihood that it was Rust that I was seeing...

  3. Think you made the right decision, although I would have been tempted to buy it just for fab vintage decor purposes :-)

  4. I found exactly the same one in a local thrift store last fall for $6. Of course I bought it, but I had no idea at the time what a treasure it was! (Le Creuset is new to me. In fact I found your blog because I was researching my treasure. I'm a Corning & Pyrex & Tupperware gal) There are a few tiny chips in the enamel on the edge of the lid and the bottom half of the inside is slightly stained from, what, 20, 30, 50 years of use? Doesn't bother me a bit! I use it constantly :)

  5. Sandra, Wow what a score for $6! Does it read Le Creuset anywhere on it, or is it an unmarked piece?

  6. Absolutely the real thing. Says on the bottom:

  7. Love it! What a steal. I hope you share some photos of it on your blog sometime.


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